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Street Football Photo Project Mondo Futbalo – Scadenza 25 Ottobre 2015

Street Football Photo Project Mondo Futbalo
Street Football Photo Project Mondo Futbalo

Mondo Futbalo is launching its street football photo competition. To take part in it, you only have to take your camera out or check your photo files and send us high quality shots of informal and amateur street football action from anywhere around the world


You may send high quality creative pictures of street football. Eg: informal and amateur soccer being played in the streets, parks, villages, countryside, neighbourhoods, on the beach…

Here are some suggestions of suitable photographs:

Pictures of people playing football in traditional national costumes, or playing in front of an architectural monument or landscape characteristic of their region: Buddhist monks playing in front of a temple, European children playing football with a medieval cathedral in the background, Brazilians playing beach soccer in Ipanema, people from the Arctic Circle playing in the snow….

Ancient or new sports relating to street football: Italian historical Calcio, Hacky Sack or Footbag, Sepak Takraw or Chinlone in southeast Asia, Kemari japanese game, freestyle….

The practice of football in difficult conditions: Disabled players, armed conflicts, refugees, people of different ethnicities or religions united by football, the struggle for equal rights for women in football practice, global warming…

These are just some suggestions, but the only limit is your own imagination….

Entry fees



The contest is open to all photographers worldwide, both amateur and professional. There is no limit to the number of submissions.

Image requirements

The photographs must be high quality, 300 dpi in JPG format. The minimum size of the widest side should be at least 3000 pixels. Both colour and black/white images are acceptable.

How to participate

You should send your photos as attachments to the following email address:


Participants must provide the following information pasted within the body of the email or/and attached as a Word Document:

The title of the photograph

A brief explanation of the photograph

The country and place where it was taken

The name and surname of the contestant

The country of origin of the photographer

The contestant´s contact email address

* Curious facts (historical, social, cultural, etc.) about the photograph and / or the practice of street football in the country where it was taken. Any interesting story accompanying the photography submitted will enhance its chances of being selected as one of the winning photographs (* optional)

Personal details will be used only within the context of the competition.


There will be three prizes:

First prize: $400 (USD) cash
Second prize: $200 (USD) cash
Third prize: $100 (USD) cash

Moreover, the best pictures submitted will be selected for an exhibition and/or publication. The winning photographs will be chosen by a panel of adjudicators.

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for the submission of photographs will be October 25, 2015. Mondo Futbalo reserves the right to extend this period, in which case, it will be announced in advance on this website. The winners will be announced during the weeks following this deadline.

Usage rights

By submitting any photograph to the contest, you thereby grant Mondo Futbalo a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive and perpetual license to share, copy, distribute, display, publish, communicate, adapt and make commercial use of the submitted image. The author’s moral rights are acknowledged and the photographer will be fully credited with any use made of the photographic material.


The photographs you submit must be your own work. By submitting images to the contest, you confirm and guarantee that there is no third party copyright to the work presented and that you assume full responsibility for any infringement of third party copyright.

Should you require further information on this competition, please do not hesitate to contact us





Street Football Photo Project Mondo Futbalo

Sito Web : http://www.mondofutbalo.org/

Tema del concorso : Football

Scadenza del Concorso Fotografico : 25 Ottobre 2015

Chi giudicherà le foto in concorso : Giuria

Quota di iscrizione : 1Gratuito

Primo Premio :   400$

Altri Premi:   300$ – 200$

Informazioni Aggiuntive :

Sede Organizzativa : Sweden/Spain


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